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Enough is enough, Gen. Sejusa tells Museveni in new letter


ARTICLE SUMMARY: You must set us free and set my suffering comrades free or we shall free ourselves.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: David Sejusa is a Ugandan military general and coordinator of intelligence services who recently fell out with his bosses in Kampala and fled to the United Kingdom.

Fellow Ugandans I greet you all.

First, I wish to extend my sympathies to all those that have suffered personal injury, physical, monetary or any other during this difficult period in the history of our country.

Those media houses that were closed and the thousands of workers that have been rendered redundant including those young people who work as newspaper vendors on our streets; I extend my solidarity and reassurances that your struggle is not in vain.

The excuse given is that they are searching for the Sejusa letter. Well, they are not because the writer of the letter is known and in any case, the Red Pepper never published that letter. It just published a press release from lawyers.

So what is this closure about? One, it’s panic. Those who peddle the nonsense that the Muhoozi [Kainerugaba] debate is good for him think people are stupid. Well, they are not. If it’s good then why close the papers and radios? Let the papers write freely about it and sure you will then get your reward.

Of course it takes the lead off the can and it’s not only bad for the boy but actually dangerous to that ambition. That’s the truth. But of course it’s like the "Tower of Babel" – you wonder if they understand even what they are saying.

(A distinction should be made between Muhozi the man and Muhozi the UPDF officer. I personally would never for even a second discuss the affairs of that young man as a person, for it would be wrong and unacceptable. But then once you make him a general in the army, he ceases to be a private person in that regard and must pass certain scrutiny.)

Secondly, it’s intended to frighten everybody so that you surrender your country to the highest bidder. I will deal with the question of oppression and fear in my subsequent paragraphs but suffice to state here that the people have matured. You can see it in the resilience of those media houses, those young workers. That’s what is worrying those in power.

An assertive population is a death sentence to any regime that becomes intolerant. They know it and hence the terror [they have unleashed]. But whatever the case, it’s rather sad that a regime that can’t create jobs for the youth can deprive the few that have some work of that opportunity. There will be no regime survival if the youth are not employed.

For today, however, [I] wish to address my fellow Ugandans on one pertinent issue. This is the issue of abusing the law and institutions just to keep the current leadership in power. Just this one central issue, if not resolved, and pretty soon, will lead to ceaseless strife.

This is the issue of refusing to retire officers from the army so that they are rendered captive forever, so that none can challenge the regime. In essence, using the Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) as a prison so that anyone who threatens or is even rumored to have political ambitions is threatened with military law, death sentence, or other trash.

This became especially so after Dr. [Kizza] Besigye challenged Mr. Museveni for the presidency. Well, millions of Ugandans are perishing due to the breakdown of the state to such an extent that those death threats are of no consequence.

But, anyway, the point is that military law has become a political weapon for those in charge of the state to keep all potential political challengers under lock and key using that bogey of military law. That’s why Brigadier [Henry] Tumukunde, for instance, would not get a higher sentence than caution. Because sentencing him to a harsher punishment would automatically remove him from the military.

Then what do you do with him when he gets out? Imagine 70-year-olds who joined the army before some of us started school still serving and on the army pay roll; the taxpayer shouldering the burden to pay thousands of officers, many even on katebe (without work in the army) so that they keep their mouth shut! This abuse must stop.

It’s this single most abuse of our officers that is creating discontent and anger within the military which is now spilling over to the streets. You remember my case when I wanted to quit the military in 1996. Since that time I have not been in the mainstream command of the military. So why was I not allowed to retire? Simple, to keep my mouth shut and kill any political ambitions I may have.

It’s so sickening! I heard one person say that I have presidential ambitions; they think it’s a crime. That’s the mindset. No one else except them should have political ambitions. So vain and degenerate!

It becomes even more degrading when you want to fast track children to command positions. It’s immoral to keep a former commander of the army or such senior people in an army commanded by their children and grandchildren.

The decent thing would be to retire in honour those gallant sons and daughters of Uganda who gave their everything and covered you even in your sleep against all danger. Of course the reason is clear why they can’t be allowed to go: [to] eliminate any threat to any power related projects.

However, I am now saying enough is enough. Retire us and spare us the humiliation of having to salute our grandchildren. Period. Why have this leadership become so vengeful against the people who brought and gave them that power?

There is a verse in the Bible, in Hebrews Chapter 11:4, which says, “Even though he died he speaks!" I know those gallant sons and daughters who died in our struggle, and even those living, whisper to you at night. I would love to know how you answer those whispers! Of course for the record, betrayal never goes unpunished. It may not be you who may suffer it but it surely comes to visit at its own time.

The weapons of all oppressors are similar. They use the same weapons of control. These are deception, fear, ignorance of the oppressed, terror, threats, unjust laws, oppressive system; vulgar, decadent and immoral ways to dehumanise them, etc. These weigh down the courage of the oppressed like you see gravity pulling us to the ground.

The gravitational pull used against the oppressed is murder, torture, threats, etc. Many of us resisted them before. So for me that LINE OF LIMITATION does not apply. I refuse to succumb to perpetual abuse. You must set us free and set my suffering comrades free or we shall free ourselves. I speak for those gallant officers who are virtual prisoners in the army but can’t say a word because they fear to be framed and court-martialed or worse. Let them go. Let them retire, with or without benefits.

Freedom and dignity are better than retirement benefits, which is merely used as an excuse.

Thank you Ugandans for that incredible support. Just remember, always, Uganda is for all of us.



+5 #1 Kawesa 2013-05-29 18:03
Good point general
0 #2 Lagony 2013-05-29 19:54
Thats bold of you general,, when the watch dogs become the offenders then who shall surely watch the watch dogs?
+4 #3 governor paul 2013-05-29 20:12
in fact what the general is saying if you have the ears and living around Uganda or east African you need not to wear spectacles in order for you to see properly. a live example just risk and go to LUZIRA PRISON the fact will reveal its self to you no sooner than you enter the gates. I WILL NOT COMMENT MUCH BUT PEOPLE NEED FREEDOM AND IT MATTERS A LOT UGANDA IS NOT 4 A GARCON OF PEOPLE WE HAVE SO MANY TRIBES WHO DESERVE DIFFERENT NEEDS NOT SPOTTING OUT ONE PARTY FOR TRIBESMEN
+1 #4 confident 2013-05-29 20:28
Boldness, confidence, bravity ah what can I say,? Keep talking General!!
+3 #5 Pte Musajja wa Kabak 2013-05-30 03:02
no one can put it better than General David no wonder he was the best in Research paper writing when we was in Kimaka when they were attending the Senior Command Staff College. You wonder why African leaders can never learn from mistakes done by past leaders. Museveni should have to seriously learn from mistakes done by late Gadaffi and soften his stance instead of carrying that bush war arrogance
+2 #6 Mercilus 2013-05-30 03:08
Thanks Gen if they are untouchable let them close this too
+3 #7 Pte Musajja wa Kabak 2013-05-30 03:37
General we are behind you so much. we Ugandans in the diaspora are behind you. Abantu bakooye, enough is enough. I remember in Jinja Kimaka senior officers posed themselves a question that in 2001 we asked the people to give Museveni only 5 more years which meant he was to leave power in 2006. In 2005, very senior officers wondered what they were gonna tell the people after Museveni passed that Referendum in his favor to manipulate the constitution and lift term limits. Museveni no longer has any thing new to offer to Uganda other than galvanizing himself, family and cronies in power.
-5 #8 KAKANDE ABDU 2013-05-30 06:10
Samson Mande also made a lot of noise and those thieves in the diaspora started praising him...now the poor guy is negotiating his return......rem ember ITONGWA tebamuzika ku kijja...General REMEMBER , REPENT , RETURN [ THATS WHAT YOU FELLOW GENERAL TOLD YOU]
0 #9 Maate Bihande Noel 2013-05-30 07:15
Well with all this the people are witnessing and observing how their sons, daughters, wives ane husbands are being mistreated in regards to their freedom. We are ready to stand against oppression and thats why we are the citizens of Uganda
+2 #10 AMANYA 2013-05-30 08:11
before you repent of all the bad things you have done to Ugandans, we can only assume you are angry and settling personal scores. explain black mamba,torturing poeple during election and other ruthless arrest.......
0 #11 dalikimoko agatha 2013-05-30 09:04
enough is enough ...........
+1 #12 dalikimoko agatha 2013-05-30 09:08
infact general its good u have been in that fake system and u realised how bad it is,thanks for repenting ,now we can suport u ,museveni must go!
+1 #13 True LUO 2013-05-30 09:13
Woooow. I like this. At last the truth is being revealed. I strongly believe more brave army officers will come out and Support Sejusa. Long Live Boss
+3 #14 Kakeeto Ronald. 2013-05-30 09:30
Lets be careful about this. In Luganda we say, "Ssegwanga ebiri weziba zilwana, ejanzi telilina kujaguza kubanga olutalo olugwa ssegwanga eba ewangudde ejaguza nakulwa Jjanzi".
+1 #15 Luganda Joseph Linux 2013-05-30 09:31
Thank you so much General David. S
"Museveni has to remeber" that "IF YOU OVER STAY IN POWER EVENTUALLY POWER WILL LEAVE YOU " and will return to the citizens who most likely will fail to manage it and destroy those that mistreated them before. this is a lesson from Gadaffi and Mubarak.
+1 #16 moses hellboy lubega 2013-05-30 09:42
That was so brave of you general i wise you could lead us in the front line and revolt against this govern it's a good point but we Ugandan now need some one to led us over throw this man ,....we stop the talking but do the Action
+1 #17 Tabitha Avola 2013-05-30 11:38
Ugandans need to speak up and make their voice be heard. what is the use of having a mouth if it is shut like a rat trap. its about time we earned our dignity and pride as a country. in Uganda we are 'born free but, every where in chains!'
+1 #18 dixon 2013-05-30 11:40
good of u general,i wish u do something bigger than this,u would have saved us from the so called the revolutionaries .keep up general
+3 #19 Born Again 2013-05-30 12:10
While the Elephants fight, it's the Grass that suffers!!

My prayer is that this too ends amicably for Ugandans are a Loving, Blessed and Spiritual People.
Many of the problems we face today in our Nation would not exist if we truly Loved God and put Him before anything else and then our country next.

Like our Moto says; "FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY"
And THIRD, we can think of individual needs.
+1 #20 kkk 2013-05-30 12:21
i like what you are saying general...but i ask...why now? why not 5 or 8 yrs ago?
+1 #21 Gilbert Bukenya 2013-05-30 12:58
Thank you so much Gen.
+1 #22 daniels 2013-05-30 13:12
thers alot of truth n we beeen blinded by so many things thanx alot good tewejjusa like u wer right to change yo name to sejjusa
+2 #23 Moses K 2013-05-30 16:35
Gen. point noted and I agree with you on one thing. Retire soldiers 'n stop promoting those already out. But you still a lot to explain when it comes to your deeds while in that combat. History has you as one of the ruthless officers that have served the interests of the regime. People will never remember the one who gave you orders but will always pronounce your name....
+1 #24 Katonga Ibrahim. 2013-05-30 16:49
All those problems are coursed by Museven himself. If he had not stood for the last term, He was going to be the best president in Uganda.But now, he has messed up every thing, and now it is too late.Remember Movement came to power with Ten Point Program. Muven forgot all that and he ( Musenven) also forgot that he did not come to power by him self. So, enough is enough, says Sejusa Musen agende.
+1 #25 Bwambale Goodman 2013-05-30 19:27
I Think Gen. Sejusa Should Be Applauded By The UPDF. After His letter, our army has got a face lift, though to those who are royal to the royal family in terms of promotions and salary slight rise, indeed this is a sign that our gallant men and women in the army ar silently suffocated. thanx Gen. for your boldness. help to expose the monkey because it is now fully naked.
+1 #26 Ben 2013-05-30 22:03
We thought Gadaffi couldn't be managed, where is he now?... every thing in this world is temporal. i mean therefore, all this sufferings has it time and will end. "A male dogs never rules forever..." thanks general. we are behind you.
+2 #27 Yoweri Museveni 2013-05-30 22:31
Am not bothered!
+1 #28 kato 2013-05-31 04:46
The general has a point! We should be free from the regime or we free ourselves. Remember the Nigerian dictator San Abacha of 90's was removed without even a bullet shot!
0 #29 Muhumuza 2013-05-31 06:48
Am so delighted with the Generals submissions but He has been a member of the UPDF for all this long at his rank and succumbed to all so called oppressive regime. He was and still an advisor to the president, throw more light on what you have done, written on the retirement of officers.It is so sad that a lot of high ranking intelligent army officers have been wasted into drinking for reasons of no deployment and strict monitoring with no other work to do as military soldiers. where a u the gallant elite and professional police and prison officers, we know the same affects you. all other generals, we pray hard that a quick and fast tracking solution it got before we the wanaichi and citizens of Uganda are caught up in these exchanges of the generals. alluta continua.
+1 #30 Odweer 2013-05-31 07:52
I think sooner than later Mr. President will realized that he is like fish out of water. All Ugandan they have been stealing votes from especially using locally poor youth called carder to manipulate the tally of the votes. I'm really disappointed to look at similar Generals in the Army who are just looking at money than looking at the direction this country is falling into.
+1 #31 Acire 2013-05-31 11:47
The hunter has become the hunted, u know what you did to our gallant brothers, sisters and elders in northern uganda!

you got served!
0 #32 Fred 2013-05-31 16:04
I don't believe whatever antics the general is playing, at least for now, i think he"s been sent by the bosses to see who is a against the muhoozi project. He is a very good spy. Ugandans please, do not demostrate short memory . Take whatever the general is telling you with a pint of salt.
+1 #33 bella 2013-05-31 16:13
wow wow!
this is indeed bold of u tinyefiza!
am sure very soon we shall make it! slowly by slowly all the screts of the govt of m7 shall be released....... ............... ..
0 #34 Zephah 2013-05-31 17:33
why complain at this time? why? after enjoying the tax payers money .i see no diffrence between you and the people your blaming, b'se u have been with them for so long championing their corruption plans. you have ahidden agenda. stop blackmailing us
0 #35 Taremwa .Johnson 2013-06-01 07:04
Ayagamba akabi tiwe aba akaresire
0 #36 oriku johnes 2013-06-01 08:00
A True General knows when to speak and therefore if the time has come, let them speakout for the benefit of all the comrades and ugandans as well.
Bravo Gen!
+1 #37 Agaba Nicholas 2013-06-01 15:05
point well made general.for us we gave up way back en we r lyk wondering sheep in the desert just because we lost hope.
+1 #38 mbabazi 2013-06-01 16:50
Mu7n shd knw dt he never fought alone, he was only the leader of de rebeln. Being given power dznt mean hz de mst brave, after all he never shot any bullet thru out the 5yrs. Respect us mr kagu.
0 #39 walusimbi 2013-06-01 17:08
Generals should know adifference btwn a LETTER and aGUN
0 #40 Muhoozi Kainerugaba 2013-06-01 23:25
Gen. leave my dad alone. he has sacrificed enough for this country...as a presidential project I told my dad to stop pushing me about, even uncle Saleh reminded him but the old man insists I am the only who can protect his cows.
+2 #41 Crinyo 2013-06-02 09:47
Long Live General Sejusa and Brig.Tumukunde.
-1 #42 rweshoka 2013-06-02 18:19
how about the crazy things you did still in the army Genera Tinyefuza, are you also going to explain that? cant wait for your next letter apologizing your miss conduct at one or two points in life while carrying out your duty...but i also like the points you raise.''Give the devil its due and hang it''
0 #43 KAFULU 2013-06-02 20:51
The general has so many good points. Let the dictatorship set the officers free so that they can live in diginity. Why does M7 want to hold them hostage.
Please generals deliver us from evil.
0 #44 Abel 2013-06-05 16:23
Gen. When did you become an angel or evangelist of good governance? Some of us still vividly remember the atrocities and your brutality you did in Northern Uganda including beating up members of parliament like Omara Atubo. is that good governance? you tried to steal KCCA house and when it was discovered you threatened to beat up that woman as you referred to Jeniffer Musisi. Gone are the days General when brutality was the order of the day. Museveni is much better than you because he is tolerant. Stop stooping so low by looking for public sympathy. This Government is built on a strong foundation it can not collapse by mere public sympathy. Swallow your pride and apologize after all you ever done it before.
0 #45 WILSON 2013-06-13 08:59
Quoting Muhoozi Kainerugaba:
Gen. leave my dad alone. he has sacrificed enough for this country...as a presidential project I told my dad to stop pushing me about, even uncle Saleh reminded him but the old man insists I am the only who can protect his cows.

0 #46 Rwamwitane omusiita 2013-09-01 04:26
What Gen Sejusa is airing out is a call for a promising future for the country Uganda.the atrocities committed by all soldiers including Museveni during the struggle are now a thing of the past.If a person like Tinye comes out to highlight the plight of this nation and the level of impunity.,corru ption, nepotism ,terror, injustice, poverty, material and self aggrandizement etc, one should not confuse this noble call of caution with what Tinye did at war,remember the story of an adulterous woman in the Bible where Jesus tasked whoever had never done the same thing to throw a stone at her ,in the next one second everybody had disappeared. This is to bring to the attention of Ugandans that Tinyefuza is the Hero we need at this stage when the nation is sinking to bottom rock.
Museveni has even forgotten the past in order to plan for the future,all he thinks is how to stay in power,his days are numbered,he should think of his family as he continues unleashing terror on Ugandans.
0 #47 Rwamwitane omusiita 2013-09-01 05:23
If we don't rise up against this trend of governance, the country is sinking to rock bottom.Museveni not NRM has exterminated the pride of Uganda with her rich heritage. He has looted the country in the guise of the IMF privatization ,scrapped Uganda Airlines, Uganda Electricity Board, Uganda Posts and Telecommunicati ons,National Insurance corporation,Dia ry corporation,Uga nda Commercial Bank to mention but a few and last but not least our adorable coffee marketing board CMB which he splitted and gave to the wife Janet through a one Hannington Rubarenzya in the guise of UGACOF, coffee was no more, Umeme ,UTL, Stanbic Bank, NIC, etc are part of his loot which is disguised in foreign ownership.He is actually my distant relative given that am a musiita by, clan, the bahima have not benefited from the Museveni establishment apart from very few like Sam Kuteesa.so the best is for him to retire and keep life and that wealth, there has never been a free and fair election since 1996.
0 #48 Rwamwitane omusiita 2013-09-01 05:44
Tinyefuza cungura eihanga eri ,obubakweta ekihanda biri ogira oburyo bwokuranzya ebyomumaisho. Abasiita twanyangarazya ensi, obwire buhikire obwa Museveni kuza Rwakitura akariisa enteze rwata ogu atakatugarukaho bakatuheza, akanga obugabe yayanga abahinda yayanga abaziirwegye, yayanga Uganda, mbwenu sitaane ogu akundaki.?w
Abamutaambiire ari omukishaka boona akabanaga abandi batwarwa, nkore ekaba ekundana, abanyankore abariisa nabahingi bakaba bakwatanisa, ogu yareeta ekishaka kyatwinaza, twayangana twatandika ebya bairu nabahima ,mbwenu ebyo byona mubirugyeho tugarukane tubingye ogu mwana ataahe ,yaza kuturetera obusaasi. The institutions have collapsed,no rule if law, the judiciary has turned into laughing stock, ekimutakureeba niki ? Kanengofiira yonka.
0 #49 heartwell 2013-12-16 20:18
Quoting WILSON:
Quoting Muhoozi Kainerugaba:
Gen. leave my dad alone. he has sacrificed enough for this country...as a presidential project I told my dad to stop pushing me about, even uncle Saleh reminded him but the old man insists I am the only who can protect his cows.

0 #50 Simple Simon 2016-02-19 07:08
Where are we now
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