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Parts of western Uganda apply Sharia law


Mzee Ahamada, a drunkard of Katerera County in Rubirizi District, renounced Islam last year after being flogged with 40 stripes for taking liquor.  “I am not at my age the kind of person to be whipped for [taking] alcohol,” said the 70-year old, who nevertheless looks much older probably because of his heavy drinking routine.

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How the West plots to spread homosexuality in Uganda

Summary: A Ugandan graduate student in Britain finds his way into a meeting convened to craft ways of entrenching the nasty perversion wherever it is detested and rejected. His name is withheld in order not to jeopardize his education aspirations in Europe. Below is an edited version of his description of what he saw.

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Who pays Zakaat – and how?


Summary: With coherent conciseness a complex subject is made perfectly clear, illustrating how Zakaah is levied on livestock, crops and fruits, trade, as well as salaries and wages. The article also lays out some of the challenges surrounding the execution of Islam’s third pillar in Uganda.

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The Museveni contradiction


Summary: President Museveni has applied every apparatus of repression to keep himself at the helm. But the Ugandan dictator has also allowed a degree of freedom that other tyrannical rulers – both his local predecessors and his foreign contemporaries – have never tolerated. Such conflicting and erratic conduct qualifies Museveni as a conman who wears a different face every time he schemes a new scam. 

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Footprints of Uganda’s most celebrated Muslim scholar

Summary: Upon rising to the scarce scholarly rank of Professor of Literature, Abasi Kiyimba was recognized August 5 as the Achiever of the Year 2012 by the Uganda Muslim Network, an umbrella organization for Muslim NGOs. In his acceptance speech at a simple ceremony held at Kibuli Primary Teachers College in Kampala, Kiyimba looks back on his outstanding contribution to the academia and to society at large, and pays tribute to the people who have facilitated his enviable work.

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