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Secrets of Museveni’s success


Summary: To regard as successful a ruler who has presided over a failed state is laughable. But being the world’s seventh longest-serving head of state, Museveni has remarkably succeeded in consolidating power. How he has reigned for close to three decades with relatively limited repression is a precedent that will interest historians.

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Africa can feed itself


Aid agencies warned early 2012 that up to 15 million people across the Sahel-Saharan region of Africa were at risk of facing famine unless hundreds of millions of euro in aid is sent urgently. The food crisis was due to poor harvests and water shortages.

Again reports of serious food crisis were reported in South Soudan recently as a result of internal fighting and the closure of oil-import routes to Sudan.  With 45 percent of Africans living on less than a dollar per day and spending 50 – 75 percent of their income on food, there is a serious question on food security in Africa.

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Africans don’t need European names


Summary: What is historically clear and politically correct is that free men and women name themselves. Only slaves and dogs are named by their masters.

Author Biography: Dr. Motsoko Pheko is author of several books such as Towards Africa’s Authentic Liberation, The Hidden Side of South African Politics and I Am Azania. He is a former representative of the victims of apartheid and colonialism at the United Nations in New York and at the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva.

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In parts of Africa, Albinos remain an endangered species

Summary: Some African communities believe that albinos are harbingers of disaster, while others deem them mentally unfit for school.

Author Biography: Mbatia Maurice Chege is a journalist and activist.

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Why Uganda needs the Proportional Representation electoral system



This study, carried out in November to December 2011 with support from the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, introduces and presents the Proportional Representation (PR) as the best electoral system needed to address a number of deficits in Uganda’s democracy. It is the only system that can ensure effective and genuine representation. It is the preferred electoral system for a growing number of stable and prosperous democratic countries of the world.

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