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The forgotten Muslim heroes of Uganda: Abdulaziz Nsubuga Bulwadda Ssabaganzi


ARTICLE SUMMARY: Besides being the first ordinary Muganda to embrace Islam, Abdulaziz Nsubuga Bulwadda Ssabaganzi spread the monotheistic faith in Ankole and took part in Islamic wars during the reign of Kabaka Rashid Kalema.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Nsereko Mutumba is the Public Relations Officer of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

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The abyss that radical feminism is digging for humanity


Article Summary: On its way to the dustbin, the Marriage and Divorce Bill is cursed left and right for attempting to desecrate and disintegrate the institution of marriage.  Yet this piece of trash is just a slice of the vast damage that the self-appointed spokespersons of womankind can inflict on society.

Author Biography: Yahya Sseremba is the publisher of The Campus Journal news website.

For both men and women Africa is a painful and humiliating abode. For women, specifically, this abode is exceedingly painful, exceedingly humiliating.

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Why faking the Qur’an is a mission impossible


Summary: Unlike the Bible and the (Jewish) Torah that are counterfeits of their original, Islam’s holy book has not had even a single word changed in it since its revelation 14 centuries ago. Allah said, “Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur'an) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption).”

Author Biography: Sayyid Qutb is the author of In the Shade of the Qur’an, a famous 20th Century commentary on the Qur’an from which this article is extracted.

When we look today, after the passage of many centuries, at the fulfillment of God’s promise to preserve the Qur’ān, we see a great miracle testifying to the fact that it is God’s book. We see that the circumstances and situations that it has endured over the centuries could not have left it intact, suffering no change of even a single sentence or a single word, without the interference of a superior power.

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Killing in the name of Christ


Article Summary: On 16, November 1532, a force led by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, representing the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, massacred 7000 unarmed people in Peru before he conquered the Inca Empire. This he did because the natives had refused to embrace Christianity.

Author Biography: Pedro Pizarro was a Spanish writer and soldier who played an active role in orchestrating the genocide. The operation was led by his brother, Francisco Pizarro.

The prudence, fortitude, military discipline, labors, perilous navigations, and battles of the Spaniards—vassals of the most invincible Emperor of the Roman Catholic Empire, our natural King and Lord—will cause joy to the faithful and terror to the infidels.

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Pigs could be source of Ebola – Scientists

Canadian scientists say that both domestic and wild pigs could be a hidden source of the deadliest Ebola virus, Ebola Zaire.  Read full story here.