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1.5 bonus points pointless?

Even though they now outnumber their male counterparts in public universities, female students are still given an additional 1.5 points during university admission. Is this still affirmative action?

I think it is still right especially for the ladies studying in rural areas. If we are to successfully promote gender equality in this country, our focus should be girls in the rural areas who are the majority. You can bear with me that there are rare cases where female students out-compete their male counterparts which mostly occur in urban schools. Therefore the bonus points are still necessary for ladies.

Osoru Constance

Girls especially in villages still experience the challenges to which the 1.5 was put; the argument should not just be about girls outnumbering boys, all we need to do is first fully remove the roadblocks to girls’ education and then scrap the bonus points off.

Nakweede Harriet

But we also still need more women in the building of our country and without good education it’s not so easy for females to contribute anything, except becoming young mothers. The extra points remain a useful intervention enabling women to live constructive lives.

Ugandan expatriate in Norway

Yes I think the affirmative action has no problem; actually it’s the reason female numbers have gone higher because of the few points given to them. It should be maintained in both Arts and Sciences. As to whether the country would face a shortage of educated men in future, men can never be out-numbered in education. Besides, it goes back to the Government to come up with clear policies to cater for all.

Mr. Sams Kaggwa S.D
Lecturer & ICT Consultant

Yes I support it because the way society perceives girls and women is very bad; society thinks they are inferior and this marginalization is everywhere including in the media where editors assign hard news stories especially to men. So as a deliberate effort to uplift the standards of women the 1.5 bonus points should continue. There's need 2 empower young girls and women through such deliberate efforts. It should cut a cross Sciences and Arts because by nature we vary in character and ability so the emphasis should be put on both sides, But more especially on sciences. But female students doing Arts, too, should not be left to Mother Nature.

James Mutanda