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Students organise news anchoring competition to honour Bbale Francis

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Students of UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communication have organised a news anchoring competition to identify talent and to honour preeminent news anchor Bbale Francis.

The first annual Bbale-Francis News Anchoring Competition, or BFRANAC, is scheduled for June 23 at Lugogo Main Exhibition Hall in Kampala. Organisers say the contest is open to all students of mass communication in Uganda. 

“The premise of BFRANAC is to create a platform for aspiring News Anchors to exhibit their talents and also expose the talented participants closer to Media Houses for jobs,” reads in part the concept note received by The Campus Journal news website. 

A panel of three judges will look out for broadcast writing ability, voice quality, diction and phonetic, pronunciation, pace and flair, intonations, style, articulation and posture, according to the note.

Similarly, time management, breath control, creativity, eye contact and body language shall not escape scrutiny. “The contestants will be tasked to prepare a full news bulletin and present it live before the judges as per the rules governing News room settings,” notes the note.

The talent identification contest also seeks to honour veteran journalist Bbale Francis whose news reading record remains unsurpassed in quality and longevity. Besides informing and entertaining generations of Ugandans through his UBC news bulletins, Mr. Bbale has trained news anchors as well as reporters.

Bbale said he received the news for his planned recognition as a surprise. “I am humbled,” said Bbale. “I didn’t expect it, I feel humbled.”

The institutions of higher learning that have confirmed participation, according to the chairperson organizing committee Mr. Mpindi Abbas, include Makerere University, Islamic University in Uganda, Uganda Christian University, Ndejje University, Kampala University, Kampala International University, Muteesa I Royal University, and UMCAT. 

The best university team, Mpindi says, shall walk away with the BFRANAC Trophy and shillings 1 million.


+1 #1 Rumanzi Perez 2012-05-18 20:12
Bale, the training he gave me at UMCAT gives me courage to speak at international conferences! Make it happen!
0 #2 Diana 2012-05-22 09:00
I went Through his training. I appreciate every effort he puts to make sure his students dont disappoint him. He is a true Role Model to all News anchors around this country. Long live Bbale Francis. We love you and can never forget you.
0 #3 katwalo paul 2012-06-22 12:41
Its my pleasure to be part of this. I pray i make it to the finals. God bless this event